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What is the impact of basement flood damage?

Flood water in your basement is not only inconvenient, it’s also dangerous to your health and causes damage to your property and possessions

When a basement floods, the area will be unusable for a significant length of time while it drains, dries out and is repaired.

All existing flooring will need removing including all wet woodwork and plasterwork. All electrics will require safety testing and the likely possibly of replacement. This tends to be a large expense for homeowners which can be easily prevented.

Once the flooded area has drained (or been pumped out) and fully dried out (this can take several weeks even with the help of specialist drying equipment) a full reinstatement will be required.

Before the reinstatement works starts however, it is ESSENTIAL that a robust, effective basement waterproofing system is installed to prevent further flooding in the future.  Pure’s CSSW (Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) Surveyors can provide expert advice in the correct basement waterproofing system to prevent your property from flooding.

Damage to belongings and appliances

As well as damage to your home, the flood water will most likely have destroyed all your personal items in the area including all soft furnishings and electrical items.  It is very distressing to most people to see the destruction flood water causes to their home and possessions.

Bacteria and mould growth

Slow draining, standing flood water in your basement can also promote mould growth and bacterial growth not just in the basement but in the rooms above too. This can have adverse effects on your family’s health and the increased levels of humidity the wet basement causes throughout your home can also promote house dust mite activity.

As well as creating a risk to your family’s health and destroying the contents of your basement, flood water can also have a detrimental effect on the structure of your property. High moisture conditions caused by the flood water can create suitable conditions for wood to decay. Timbers, particularly in the basement can be badly affected by humid air and wet basement walls & floors leading to serious decay. This can cause structural safety problems which can be very costly and disruptive to repair.

Bespoke Basement Flood Prevention Solutions and Basement Environmental Control Solutions

Basement flooding can be a very serious and costly problem, but, it can be prevented.  Pure Basement Systems specialise in the design and installation of Automatic Sump Pump Stations as well as full Cavity Drainage Membrane Basement Waterproofing Systems and Basement Ventilation Systems.

A permanently dry basement protected by a robust, effective basement waterproofing system protects your property from serious structural problems and problems with humidity and dampness associated with flooded basements.  It can also create extra dry useable space for your family and increase the value and saleability of your property.

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Flooded basement?

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