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Pure can dry-out and remove the water from your damp cellar or wet basement - permanently

More often than not, basements and cellars that have not received some form of treatment remain wet given that they are partially or fully below ground.

It is not uncommon for a property to suffer from a flooded basement or a flooded cellar with even a small amount of rain. Pure Basement Systems are specialists in water removal and dampness from basements. We can install permanent basement sump pumps to keep water out. If dry storage is what you need, we can install a full basement waterproofing system to dry your basement out completely and permanently creating a useful space for additional storage.

We offer a range of sump pumps to suit your budget and water ingress problem

Basements and cellars are inherently damp areas. Sometimes as a result of changes in the local groundwater regime, bursts in services or after a period of heavy rainfall they can flood. Dependant on what you would like to use your basement for, Pure Basement Systems can introduce a system to remove flood water or provide a completely dry storage area.

Highest Quality Sump Pumps and Materials

Using some of the most modern and robust sump pump stations, Pure can remove basement flood water permanently. We have a range of automatic submersible pumps, all fitted with alarms and the option of back-up facility in the event that mains power should ever be interrupted at your property. Our specialist surveyor can help you choose from our range of high quality basement sump pumps to ensure you choose the correct system to meet your needs.

How do Sump Pumps work?

Sump Pump Stations consist of a sump liner and lid with an automatic submersible pump inside. The sump pump operates when water reaches a specific level in the sump liner. When the sump pump operates it pumps water out of the sump liner through a discharge pipe to a pre-determined drainage point. The pump will cycle automatically every time water reaches the activation point inside the sump liner.

As part of our sump pump consultation service we consider the rate of water ingress and specify a suitable sump pump station.

Sump Pump Servicing for extra peace of mind

Sump pumps like any mechanical piece of equipment must be serviced regularly to ensure that they operate effectively and to maximum performance requirements. Pure Basement Systems can offer you an annual service agreement and we notify you when your sump pump requires its service …

Sump pump stations are covered by a 12-months manufacturer’s warranty. We can extend sump pump station warranties for you at an additional cost.


Guaranteed Quality

Guaranteed Quality


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Why Choose Us?

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Flooded basement?

Flooded basement?

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