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What can Pure do to keep your basement from flooding?

If your property is prone to ground water flooding, you are not alone. Over 5 million people, in 2 million properties, live in flood risk areas in England.

How Groundwater Flooding can lead to a flooded basement

It is estimated that groundwater flooding affects several hundred thousand properties in the UK, particularly homes with basements.

Groundwater flooding occurs as a result of water rising up from the underlying rocks or from water flowing from abnormal springs. This tends to occur after periods of sustained rainfall. Higher rainfall means more water will infiltrate into the ground and cause the water table to rise above normal levels.

Groundwater tends to flow from areas where the ground level is high, to areas where the ground level is low. In low-lying areas the water table is usually at shallower depths anyway, but during very wet periods, with all the additional groundwater flowing towards these areas, the water table can rise up to the surface causing groundwater flooding.

Groundwater flooding takes longer to dissipate than surface flooding because groundwater moves much more slowly than surface water and will take time to flow away underground. This will mean your property remains wet for a sustained period, exacerbating the damage caused and causing your basement to flood.

Without adequate flood prevention measures in place, groundwater flooding can cause extensive and costly damage to both buildings and personal possessions every time the water table rises significantly.

What can I do to protect my basement from groundwater flooding?

A robust and effective basement waterproofing system can prevent your basement from flooding and protect your property and possessions.

It is essential that this system is designed and installed by suitably qualified professionals. A qualified CSSW (Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) Surveyor is specifically trained in the design of structural waterproofing systems and is the best person to consult for expert advice.

Pure Basement Systems are recognised as industry specialists in the design and installation of basement flood prevention systems. Our qualified CSSW surveyors can visit you at your property and specify a bespoke basement waterproofing system that will prevent future flooding in your basement.

Highest quality automatic Sump Pumps and Cavity Drain Membrane Systems installed throughout Yorkshire, Cheshire, Lancashire and the North

Our surveyors specify only the highest quality sump pumps fitted with alarms as standard (and optional battery back-up packs) and cavity drain membrane systems from industry leading manufacturers to guarantee the integrity of your basement waterproofing system and ensure the prevention of basement flooding.

Sump Pump Aftercare Service

To maintain the efficacy of your sump pump, an annual service and battery replacement will be required. Pure Basement Systems contact you when services are due to ensure your system remains effective for years to come, protecting your basement from flooding.

We have helped many people keep their basements dry. We have worked across all northern areas including Leeds, Harrogate, York, Cheshire and Bradford. Most period properties have old drainage systems that weren’t built to handle today’s rainfall. Make sure you speak to a specialist about the basement and cellar waterproofing options available to you.



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